Activities on Cat Ba Island


Activities In The Lodge

Relax in a hammock

Enjoy our incredible restaurant

Hang out in the lounge

Learn about Cat Ba Island


Play cards, dice, chess or one of our other games

Use our computers with free Internet or the WIFI


Take advantage of our 2X1 drink specials


Go to the Cat Ba Zoo

The local zoo is only a 15 minute walk away and there is no admission charge for Cat Ba Eco-Lodge guests.  At the zoo you will find a bear, camines, monkeys, porcupines and more.

Rock Climbing on Cat Ba Island

The island’s main rock climbing wall is a beautiful 25 minute walk away.  We can help you rent rock climbing gear from town.  And if you travel with your own rock climbing gear then Cat Ba Eco-Lodge is the perfect spot for you.


Rent one of our Trek Mountain Bikes and go to:

The nearest beach:  10 minutes

Our private beach:  15 minutes

A million other beautiful beaches:  15 minutes, 25 minutes, 30 minutes…. everywhere

The National Park:  1 1/2 hours

Circle tour of the southern half of the island

Hiking Opportunities on Cat Ba Island

There are an inexhaustible supply of hiking trails leaving from our lodge’s front door.  We encourage you to take advantage of these beautiful trails – we will supply the maps!

Walk to the beach:  Easy 20 minute walk.

Self guided nature tours outlining the natural geography and ecology

Butterfly Valley Trail:   Medium trail, 2 hour return trip.  Goes to a small village and the rock climbing face.  Grab a beer and watch the rock climbers!

Lookout Summit Loop:  Difficult (steep) trail, 2 1/2 hour return trip.  See incredible views of natural Cat Ba!

Zoo Trail:  Easy, 30 minute return trip.  Ends at the local zoo.  Free admission for Cat Ba Eco-Lodge guests.

Waterfall Sunset Trail:  Very steep, 40 minute return trip.  Look down on the hotel and the bay from the mountain right behind the hotel.

Cat Ba National Park Hiking Opportunities

There are two main hiking opportunities in Cat Ba National Park

Lookout Tower Trail:  Medium (many stairs) 1 1/2 – 2 hour return trip to a rusty tower that overlooks Cat Ba’s incredible eggbox landscape.  This trail gets a lot of use – to escape the crowds go early in the morning or after 2:00 PM.  Most visitors combine this activity with a visit to the Hospital Cave.

Cang Viet Hai Trail:  18 km each way – highly recommended for .  Most people who take this trail opt for a guided tour leaving from the park entrance heading to the east coast and then returning to Cat Ba Town by boat.  It is possible to go on your own, if you can make the return trip on foot.

Tours and Adventures

There are a wide variety of fun and exciting tours around Cat Ba Island.  Everyday we set our guests up with the best operators for each type of tour.  Here are just a few of the possibilities. See more detail at local tour operator

Daily trip Lan Ha Bay >>–lan-ha-bay_typ126_en-US.htm

We offer the day trip kayaking to Lan Ha bay everyday from our lodge. This trip focuses on small group (min 2, max 6 people) in order to make sure our guests have more contact with local and nature. The riding on local fishing boat (water taxi) around the bay to visit floating fish farm and secluded beaches is one of the highlight.

Hospital Cave

This cave oozes historical significance: it served as a secret, bomb-proof hospital and safe-house for VC leaders during the American War.  Incredibly well-constructed, the three-storey feat of engineering was in constant use until 1975. A guide will show you around the 17 rooms and point out the old operating theater and cinema. (3D Video of Hospital Cave)

Bus from Hanoi to Cat ba

More infomation Bus form Hanoi to Cat Ba Island and Bus Cat ba to Hanoi

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